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Our Range of Products

Variety That’s Affordable


Nylon Frame Fixing Anchor Fasteners


Frame Anchors with sizes in 8mm & 10mm .HHB MS Screw with Silver Zinc Plating of 6+ microns & 9TPI Screw & PZ3/PH3 Head. Plugs made in 100% virgin plastic in light grey color.


Plastic Wall Plugs

From 6Rs per pkt

Our selection of Plastic Wall Plugs features a wide assortment of materials and sizes from 25mm to 50mm plugs.
We use 100% virgin HDPE material with chrome shine finish in our products.Contact us today!


Rack Bolt

From 11Rs

Basin Fixing Set with sizes from 10mm rack bolt and 14x75mm plastic plug. It comes in variety of packing ranging from blister pack to plastic pouch.


Self Tapping Screws


Self Tapping Screws

Available in SS304 ,SS316 & MS 

Sizes Available in 6mm,8mm

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SAK Fasteners LLP is here to supply you with all the materials you’ll ever need in fasteners category.

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